Hupu: Good afternoon Mr. Fredette, nice to meet you, I have a few quick questions for you on behalf of Hupu Sports.

First of all, congratulations on your brilliant performance on CBA three-point shot all-star championship. Three-point shot has always been an important factor for both NBA and CBA games,speaking of which, has your team designed special three-point shot tactics for you?


听到代表虎扑采访时说 很好。

JF: Not anything too special, but I’ve been shooting three-point shots since I was really young. I started shooting three-points when I was 5 years old. So I’ve been practicing ever since, you know I got good form when I was young, learnt how to shoot it and I shot so many of them that I just got more and more confidence, more natural every single day, it’s like second nature to shooting, so the practice is what makes perfect and fortunately I’ve been able to make a lot of them.



2. 本赛季,上海哔哩哔哩篮球队在你的带领下,所有球员共同努力赢得了很多比赛,对于季后赛你们会有怎样的期待?

Hupu: During this season, Shanghai Bilibili (basketball) team has won quite an amount of games under the guidance of you, and joint efforts of all team players. Specifically speaking, what are your expectations for playoffs?  

JF: Yeah, we hope to do well. We think we have a really good team, and we have a group of guys that are really good and like each other on the court and off the court, and it shows on the game we play, unselfish, we pass the ball to each other, and I think we could do some really great things this year the playoffs, so hopefully we can make it first and we’ll hopefully advance, and eventually the goal is to win the championship like everyone else, so we’ll see how it goes.



3,作为前辈 马布里在CBA的成功是否会对你的职业规划产生影响?

Hupu: Stephen Marbury,as a predecessor, would his success in CBA bring some impacts on your career planning?

JF: You know, he’s had an amazing career here, and he has been doing some amazing things, and fans love him, and he is part of this Chinese culture and the CBA. I’m not anywhere close to that yet, but I hope maybe one day I could be, but I’m excited to be here now, and I’m grateful to be with the Shanghai organization, I’m grateful for Yao as he gave me an opportunity to play, and we’ll see what will happen in the future, but if I can have a career like him here, I think I’ll be doing well.  



4,作为球迷,很多网友都十分关注你的场外生活,前段时间,你的妻子Whitney Fredette在社交媒体上晒图秀恩爱,展示了你的肌肉,大赞你的性感,对此你有什么想对她说的吗?

Hupu: This one is on behalf of fans, as many of them are very concerned about your life outside court, meanwhile, your dearly wife Whitney Fredette has twittered showing her love to you, show your muscles, and praised you sexy, what do you want to say to her in response to that?

JF: To Whitney? I would like to say that I miss her, and I think my muscle has grown a little bit since I’ve been in China, so I had to show her, make sure that she knew. You know she is an amazing girl, we have lots of fun off the court, and we just enjoy each other’s company, and that’s what my life is all about, it’s about family, it’s about her. You know my unborn child is coming soon, and (I’m very excited to meet her), hopefully Whitney will see this, and let her know that I love her.

对Whitney 要说的话?我想说我很想念她。关于肌肉,我觉得自从我来中国后,我的肌肉有增加,所以我要发照片给她让她也知道一下:)她是一个特别棒的女孩儿,我们在球场外有很多美好的时光,我们很喜欢彼此的陪伴。于我而言,家庭和Whitney就是我生活的意义。我们的宝宝快出生了,对此我很开心,很期待。希望Whitney能看到这些,这样她会知道我很爱她。



Hupu: Last question, 361°, known as a famous domestic sports brand, what brings you hand in hand with it? (Mutual ideals?) How do you look forward to future cooperation?

JF: Yeah, definitely, (mutual ideals) I love 361° and what it’s all about, all about passion, about bring their passion to life, and work as hard as they possibly can to achieve a goal, and that’s what I did in my life, I work every single day as hard as I could in the game of basketball, to reach my goal, being a professional basketball player, and being in the NBA, and now here, the CBA, I always wonder… One degree beyond, that’s they say and work out as hard as I could every single day, so I think our ideas are very similar, and that’s why I love being a part of this company, I appreciate that a lot.  

I’m excited to be with them, being able to wear their shoes in my games, and move forward with them to propel basketball career, I’m excited to work with them in the future, and believe we’ll do well. 


Hupu: Thank you for your time, great pleasures of meeting you, and good luck on your future games!

JF: Thank you very much, appreciated it.